Commercial Projects

Architectural & Site Concrete Systems

Integrally Colored Concrete
Integral Colors consist of colored admixtures made of high quality pigments which are developed for use in ready-mixed concrete. Admixtures are blended into the ready-mix creating a uniform color throughout the depth of the concrete, producing durability and longevity.
Pervious Concrete or Porous Concrete® and Grasscrete®
Pervious or porous concrete is a special type of concrete with a high porosity used for concrete flatwork applications. Pervious concrete allows water from precipitation and other sources to pass directly through, thereby reducing storm water runoff from the site and allowing groundwater recharge. It is an important application for sustainable construction and is one of many low impact development techniques used by builders to protect the environment.
Stained and Dyed Concrete
Concrete stains and dyes can achieve a variety of different colors using acid, alcohol and water-based applications. The different types of stain and dye materials require hands-on experience to yield the desired results.
Saw Cut & Scored Designs
Scoring is done with a hand-tool before the concrete is hardened. Score lines can be designed straight, diagonal or radial to the edges of the flatwork or bands. Saw cut lines can be straight, diagonal or radial to the edges of the concrete or bands and are done after the concrete is hardened. Any shape can be saw cut into the concrete including radiuses and meandering.
Micro-Top Finishes
Utilizing a paper-thin concrete medium this system applies a troweled-on, polymer cementitious topping that tenaciously bonds to virtually any horizontal or vertical substrate, including concrete, wood, metal, plastic, drywall or asphalt.
Template / Concrete Stencil / Sandblasting / Engraving
Stenciling can be a great alternative to decorative concrete while permitting design flexibility. Stenciling utilizes a variety of materials to impart a variety of patterns in existing or fresh concrete.
Unit pavers are available in a variety of different sizes, shapes and colors and are often used to accentuate site concrete work. Our experienced staff has the resources necessary to install interlocking pavers of any pattern.
Other Specialty Concrete
Our skilled staff and in-house formwork fabrication facilities make specialty concrete features such as planter boxes, bio-swales, seat walls and water features an attractive option for enhancing any project.



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